Gracious Pharmaceuticals has emerged as a successful organization to achieve its business and is on exponential growth path to expand our target market and add new therapies to our operational business mate. It is emerging as a strong health care company specialized in the business of marketing and distribution of broad range of pharmaceutical and allied health care products with operation covering in India.

GRACIOUS PHARMACEUTICALS was established on 27TH MARCH 2009. It started its field operation in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market from April 2009 and at present has gained a reputation of being one among the finest Pharmaceutical Organizations in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market by making efforts to become an Iceland of Excellence in the competitive health care business.

We at gracious Pharmaceuticals realized that brand building is the most important challenge across India and hence we are putting coordinated effort on market research and new product development to ensure continuous flow of new products that are baked by profound brand building effort ensuring sustained growth in volumes and margins with wide range of different formulations in all major segments.

Presently Indian operations of Gracious Pharmaceuticals are spreads with a single operational Pharma division. This division covers mainly doctors of specialty such as Consulting Physicians, Orthopaedicians, ENT Surgeons, Pediatricians, General Physicians, Gynecologist and Neuro Physicians.

In 2013 Gracious Pharmaceuticals is scheduled to expand and grow by introducing one more division i.e; Cardio and Diabetic Care which will be covering only Super Specialty. Besides this we are also introducing marketing of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredient (API) and Export / Import market.


    Mission Statement

    “To be among the top 3 companies within India and have a strong presence globally”


  • Integrity and Discipline - We set Benchmark of high ethics and systems for majoring results carefully and ensuring integrity and disciplines in our actions.

  • Creativity – Opt to be different. Exploring the new ways and do not believe in imitation.

  • Perseverance - Never give up. Where is will, there is way.

  • People – We help people to realized their full potential for continues improvement in performance encouraging leaders to empower those around them by sharing knowledge and rewarding outstanding efforts in and excellent environment of challenge and fun.

  • Target Customer – We recognized that brands are the ultimate relationship between customer and the organization. We are accountable to need of our customer by building brand and thus ensuring long lasting relationship.

  • Performance – we believe enrichment for everybody associated with organization that reflects outstanding performance in term of profitability.

  • Pursuit of excellence – We believe in striving in constantly to outperform our own performance throw constructive self criticism self improvement and personal excellence in all our action.


Gracious Pharmaceuticals has emerged as a Successful organization by appropriately managing the main asset of the organization that is People. In an environment of multi cultured and diverse market to achieve its business objectives.

Our core value is brand building through people and hence we have high Regards & Respect for People, Integrity, Discipline, Networking, Diversity, Transparency, Creativity and Empowerment.

Gracious Pharmaceuticals believes that Primary Productive and Generative Asset in any business is its People who drive the business.

Gracious Pharmaceuticals believes that it is important to enhance the emotional and intellectual of people and gain their trust and commitment to achieve organizational goal. We believe that our Human Capital is our most valuable Asset our people.

We work to help people realized their full potential. We want to recognize employees for having a positive impact on peoples lives with our brand building exercise, meeting customer needs and surpassing external expectations. We strived to achieve sustainable growth by securing long term business success.

We want to build our reputation of an exciting work place in which people can realize their professional ambitions. We strive to create motivating work environment where creativity and effectiveness are encouraged. We also want to contribute to society through our economic contribution by positive environmental and social benefits that our brands offer to humanity. We play an active role to making every region in which we operate a better place to live and work in, being fully aware that the on going vitality of vision and local community has a direct impact on the long term health of our business.



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